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SEO in Joomla OR Wordpress? who is the winner?

wordpress vs joomla
Hallo guy this time i will try post with english league, :D . But this post not made from me but rather i procure in googlegenius.blogspot.com, this oke. go to topic :D. 
WordPress and Joomla are the most popular free CMS. CMS Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Today I would like to discuss and compare them in terms of SEO.

=> SEO In Joomla

Joomla is a wonderful and user-friendly CMS for SEO . You will have almost complete control over your site's SEO with this CMS. Joomla developers have paid great attention to SEO in the lates
t version. You have the option to enable SEF URL-addresses, URL rewrite to suit your needs. You can add a description of the global meta, meta keywords, and add meta description, title, keywords for each post. Unfortunately, Joomla does not have an advanced level of SEO features such as NOINDEX control and DoFollow for a particular menu item. There are some affordable SEO enhancements that will help you with your ceo website optimization.

==> SEO In Wordpress

When it comes to SEO WordPress is worth recalling hundreds of plug-ins to fully optimize your blog and text. WordPress has a built-in SEO settings for permanent links, adding meta-descriptions of keywords and more. WordPress has built-in functionality to add tags to your posts. Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO powerful tools when in Joomla there is a big shortage of quality SEO plugins.

Another important point is the loading time site. WordPress site loads much faster than Joomla. With this, of course debatable. WordPress allows you to add an alt tag for each image that you can not do without a Joomla extension.

WordPress has some amazing plug-ins for creating links between the posts for relinking that Joomla has not. The same thing happens with the creation of a custom 404 pages. It's really easy to create a custom 404 page with plugins WordPress.

#Who is the Winner Between Wordpress ans Joomla?

 WordPress is the winner. If you really want to do tight seo promotion of a site, by far WordPress is the best solution for you.

i hope this information will be reference for you :D

reference :  http://googlegeniusonline.blogspot.com/2013/07/Wordpress-VS-Joomla-Which-CMS-is-More-SEO-Friendly.html

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