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Disadventages of the use computers for student

 before i has post how to a adventages of the use computers for student and now these day i will post about disadventages of the use computers for student, haha, lets go :D

1. Some students and teachers are discouraged by computers.

2. Many students and teachers reject a change from the traditional classes.

3. It is very difficult for some students to get used to being independent learners.

4. Undisciplined students have problems working with computers.

5. Computers do not provide some important features of real communicative exchanges.

6. Computers are machines and they need maintenance, something which may require interruptions to class or study time.

7. Computers do not provide the sense of cooperation that can be found in a class with a teacher.

i hope this article can usefull for you all, haha, thank for read this post. hihi :D

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