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Search Engine Optimized in truepixel BloggerTemplates

hi guy, haha. i will give information or tutorial for you all. i will pos how to make your blog search engine optimized in trupixal blogger templates. because this information very useful for me and here I share to you all, especially for beginners who are new to blogger templates from outside. here i using free template in
All social bookmark button and subscriber widget is optimized for your blog to perform better. All you have to do is..

Log in to your "Google webmaster" account.

Click on "ADD A SITE" enter your blog URL.

Click on "Owner verification page" Select below "Verify using a different method."

After that you will be forwarded to a page with four options. Select last one "HTML Tag"

Copy Google "meta tag". Navigate to your blogger : Dashboard » Template » Edit HTML.

Add this meta tag in your template below "<head>" and click on SAVE.

After completing this step. Log in to your "Google Analytics" account.

Simply add your blog and copy the Web Property ID.

Navigate to your blogger dashboard : Settings » Other tab.

Scroll down paste this code in last field "Analytics Web Property ID" and click SAVE.

If you want to show "RELATED POST" option to increase your blog page views.

Make account on "linkwithin"  Choose your settings and click on "GET WIDGET".

Copy the piece of script code.

Search and add your "Linkwithin script code" below this line and click on "SAVE". 

<div class='linkwithin_div'>
And you are done!

reference :  http://www.bloggertheme9.com/p/search-engine-optimize.html

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